Sad services never again will I deal with you'll – How can we better meet your needs?

You people only want money didn't do anything to my car but check what I had already checked – Please leave any final comments about your visit here.

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22 Oct 17 Add public reply

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    Dear Mr. Webber,

    Your car had many problems before it came to our shop. It had been overheating - that was your primary concern.

    We found that the entire engine cooling system had been repeatedly fed Stop-Leak, and non-compatible engine coolant, which had gelled into a coppery mess throughout the engine's cooling system. You agreed to have the system opened up to explore how bad it was, and what we found we deemed to be non-repairable. Every component of the cooling system would have to be replaced, and all of that without yet knowing what had been leaking that precipitated the introduction of Stop Leak into it to begin with. For all we know, you could have a cracked cylinder head or head gasket, or any number of other problems resulting from the coolant leak, and the repetitive overheating. Those things can be determined easily enough. Replacing every hose, radiator, heater core, thermostat, etc., would be a very expensive undertaking to make that system reliable again. Rather than waste more of your hard-earned money, we were honest and told you the hard truth.

    You approved a lot more tear-down time and diagnostic time than we ever spent on it. I only charged you for the time we had in it. Nothing more. Once we saw what was in there, we stopped. We could tell at that point that you could very likely replace the car with another like it in better condition for less than it would take to get this engine running properly again.

    I understand that you don't particularly care for the diagnoses. Who would? Facts are facts, though, and you would be far less happy if we had pursued endeavors to repair this one.

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