Guess D90s are not familiar to the shop. Claimed my new to me D90 was overheating, and asked if the engine driven fan was in order. Was there supposed to be an electric cooling fan I asked? "No." Next weekend I spotted a D90 in a parking lot and a quick check showed an electric cooling fan mounted in front of the condenser. Checked my vehicle and the fan was missing, the wire clipped (and not terminated), and the indentation of the fan was still apparent on the condenser. Turns out the fan is supposed to come on with the A/C which explains why the D90 was overheating when shop parked it with engine on and A/C running. Not the kind of troubleshooting I expect. – How can we better meet your needs?

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    The truck was brought to us with a very specific question: "there is a noise on deceleration - can you find it"..... our technician test drove the truck and could not duplicate a specific issue requiring attention.

    In looking under the truck for the deceleration noise, technician noticed the presence of axle grease on the brake calipers, brake rotors brake pads. As this was a safety issue, we brought it to your attention. We cleaned the rotors, calipers and replaced the pads in the front and the rear. de-greasing took extra time and then new pads were installed.

    After test driving the car, you had a conversation with both the service manager and the technician in which they indicated to you that the truck was running hotter than it should with the air conditioning on.....and at idle.

    Our paraphrased version of this conversation after the brake repair was:

    motorcars: (in passing) the truck is overheating at idle. noticed it after the test drive.
    customer: i had not noticed it. is the fan working as it should ?
    motorcars: yes - (thinking he was talking about the mechanical fan.)
    customer: is there an electric fan ?
    motorcars: no. (meaning there is not one there - not that the truck should have had one)
    customer: ok - i will keep an eye on it
    motorcars: ok - fine.

    We should have said: "your truck is overheating at idle, give us a little time to figure out exactly what is wrong with it."

    I do not comprehend why we would have simply reported that it was "overheating" and not investigate.... but apparently that is what we did and assumed that since the truck did not have an electric fan that it was "ok".

    As you say, we should have taken the time to "troubleshoot" the overheating at idle..... which would not have taken more than a few minutes... given the that fan was "gone !".

    We have gotten off on a bad start with poor communication - all on our end. There is no question that we should have sought the cause, and reported a solution rather than simply reporting a condition without follow through.

    So, no excuses. Our technician is young, but very talented mechanically. He should have been more forceful in the communication with both the service writer and with you.... he also apparently misunderstood the question you were asking.... and when he answered "no", he meant that there was no cooling fan present.

    We have had a meeting of all involved - service manager, service writer and technician.... and this specific incident has been addressed - point by point.

    We service over 100 Defenders in the Houston area and would like very much for you to give us another opportunity to prove that we can do better.

    Kent Edwards

    Marketing –